Cookies & milk(and other weekend cravings).

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This is one of my favorite things.

Is there anything better than Oreo cookies and ice-cold milk to dunk them? This is truly one of my favorite combos. I normally don’t buy Oreos since the entire package has the likelihood of lasting no more than a few days in this house, but I was in charge of bringing a sweet snack to my life group(basically what my church calls bible studies, but it’s more than that). I couldn’t get my mind off of Oreos, so I bought them and begged people to eat as many as they could. Still, I brought home half a pack and carefully portioned a few with my last bit of milk. Yum. Simply because it’s Friday. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, but every once in a while a treat like this is very much needed.

This weekend, my mom and step-dad are in town for a car show. They’re also bringing with them a puppy. They just adopted a yellow lab named Hunter and I’m already smitten. How can I not be? Look at this little guy..


So this weekend I’m craving puppy time, time with family, practicing guitar, time to write, cozying up to a good book, cups of tea, time at our church and not having to many things planned. I’m just ready to see where the weekend takes us!

Katy Loves
If you write a post on your weekend plans, feel free to leave a link in the comments! I’d love to read what you’re up to.

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