I picked a pair!


Button-up shirt: Target. || Navy Sweater: Old Navy.



Thanks to your help, I have chosen a new pair of glasses! Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be receiving my first pair of Warby Parkers. I went with the Linwood pair in striped chestnut. I love the softer look of the chestnut as opposed to a black frame. I have a feeling these are about to be my new favorite accessory! This is especially true today since after saving an extra pair of contacts forever (just in case I lost one) I finally put my put my last pair in and lost one of them in less than 24 hours. So now thanks to an old, scratched-up(I can barely see out of the right side), wrong-prescription pair of glasses I’m sort of confined to the house for 36 hours. I’m not bitter or anything..

pleated poppy

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