[COVER] Tristan Prettyman – “Electric”

A new cover for you today! Yay! I’m getting a little braver each time. Here’s my cover of one of my favorite artist’s, Tristan Prettyman. This is her song, “Electric”. Hope you like it!



| fromĀ zada jane’s. yes, that’s bacon on a salad. |


Happy Friday, friends! It’s our last hurrah, as I’m calling it, before Adam begins a 10-week intensive coding school program. On top of work. So basically, I’m about to have A LOT of time to myself. I’m setting goals for the next ten weeks to keep myself bus which includes some major blog overhaul. I’m actually excited about that aspect of it. Not the barely seeing my husband every week part. I like to stay positive because I know that, inevitably, I’m going to have some lonely moments until November arrives. Luckily, I have some great friends in Charlotte to hang with. See, there’s always a positive.

Another positive? We’re heading to the mountains this evening. Even better? We’re heading to BACON FEST tomorrow. Yes, a festival celebrating all things bacon. It shall be delightful.


Happy weekend, you goofballs!