Nola's plan of attack

This happened last Saturday after we sang happy birthday to Lucy. We encouraged it as it made for some pretty goofy pictures. Neither of the pups would voluntarily choose to swim in the pool, but when it comes to sprinklers Nola just has to have a taste. We always call my in-law’s place “puppy Disney World”. They get access to a huge backyard each and everyday with dirt to roll in, lizards to chase and the sprinklers. Let’s just say they’re still sleeping most of the day due to being completely and utterly warn out from 48 hours of running around like crazy. It’s been wonderful, I tell you! I can be so much more productive at home when they’re not trying to eat socks or bark like mad for no reason. Crazy pups.

This is what Saturday looks like.


DSC_9673 DSC_9677





This is what our Saturday is looking like right about now. Dirty house slowly being conquered, no makeup on the face, the smell of carpet cleaner, fabric cleaner and fabric softener wafting through the air. I spent over 2 1/2 hours deep cleaning the kitchen last night and was way too worn out to clean the rest of the house, so it’s splashed over into Saturday. We took the dogs to the dog park this morning and Penny did amazingly well! She’s definitely a mix of lab and some sort of running dog, because she was zooming all over the place(maybe vizsla). We brought the dogs home, washed them both and now we’re back to cleaning the house. Phew! Hopefully our Sunday looks much cleaner and involves a whole lot more of doing absolutely nothing. Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! Be lazy for us a bit, would you?