First birthdays are the best

This weekend we headed down south to Florida to celebrate our sweet niece’s very first birthday! They only get the first one once, right? So we packed up the cars, those two crazy pups(aka our children) and drove on down to the sunshine state. Our dogs are super photogenic in the car. I’m saying the cutest poses ever while they practically cuddled each other. I posted a picture or two on Instagram, but decided to save a few just for the blog.

I’m just saying.

Saturday was Lucy’s day! Prepare for sweet baby photos. There are plenty of them. We hung out at the house, the guys grilled up some burgers and we munched before letting Lucy dig into her funfetti birthday cake. She won’t remember this day, but we certainly will. Get ready for the sweetest photos and I’m not just talking about the one with the slice of cake.

It was so cute to watch her enjoy her cake and while she ended up messier than these photos suggest, she came away fairly unscathed by cake pieces and thick frosting. A little in the hair for good measure, but that was about it.

We’re probably still a ways away from having little ones of our own so for now, I will take plenty of opportunity to love on my sweet niece and nephews. My sister is expecting her first babe and I CAN’T WAIT! A sweet little boy. Keep those babies coming, siblings! We’ll just be living vicariously through you for now.

Merry Christmas, indeed

My Christmas? Absolutely wonderful. Stressless Christmas was a complete success! We drove up to the mountains on Saturday. On Sunday, my mom, sister and I spent the day in Asheville and visited family that were staying there. On Monday we dropped the dogs off at a wonderful dog daycare, so they could spend a few days in puppy Disney World and we could enjoy a little bit of a break. But the highlight of my week? My dad surprising my sister and I in front of 15 people at Christmas Eve dinner. He usually works on Christmas and lives in Atlanta, so this was our first Christmas with him in six years. It was so special to feel like Christmas was finally complete. We relaxed all day at my mom and step-dad’s house, watched Christmas movies and ate way too many carbs. Or maybe that was just me.

I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with my family and the fact that we could really, truly relax this Christmas. We had to head home on Wednesday, since Adam had to work. Just as it was starting to snow, of course. Adam had one free vacation day he had to use up, so he just took two half-days. Right now we’re relaxing at home and are about to embark on a four day weekend. We haven’t had that much time off since moving here. It’s bound to be a lovely, restful weekend just in time for the new year. I am wishing you the very same. Happy weekend, friends!