Nola's plan of attack

This happened last Saturday after we sang happy birthday to Lucy. We encouraged it as it made for some pretty goofy pictures. Neither of the pups would voluntarily choose to swim in the pool, but when it comes to sprinklers Nola just has to have a taste. We always call my in-law’s place “puppy Disney World”. They get access to a huge backyard each and everyday with dirt to roll in, lizards to chase and the sprinklers. Let’s just say they’re still sleeping most of the day due to being completely and utterly warn out from 48 hours of running around like crazy. It’s been wonderful, I tell you! I can be so much more productive at home when they’re not trying to eat socks or bark like mad for no reason. Crazy pups.

First birthdays are the best

This weekend we headed down south to Florida to celebrate our sweet niece’s very first birthday! They only get the first one once, right? So we packed up the cars, those two crazy pups(aka our children) and drove on down to the sunshine state. Our dogs are super photogenic in the car. I’m saying the cutest poses ever while they practically cuddled each other. I posted a picture or two on Instagram, but decided to save a few just for the blog.

I’m just saying.

Saturday was Lucy’s day! Prepare for sweet baby photos. There are plenty of them. We hung out at the house, the guys grilled up some burgers and we munched before letting Lucy dig into her funfetti birthday cake. She won’t remember this day, but we certainly will. Get ready for the sweetest photos and I’m not just talking about the one with the slice of cake.

It was so cute to watch her enjoy her cake and while she ended up messier than these photos suggest, she came away fairly unscathed by cake pieces and thick frosting. A little in the hair for good measure, but that was about it.

We’re probably still a ways away from having little ones of our own so for now, I will take plenty of opportunity to love on my sweet niece and nephews. My sister is expecting her first babe and I CAN’T WAIT! A sweet little boy. Keep those babies coming, siblings! We’ll just be living vicariously through you for now.