New direction

This week, I took a break from blogging. It was a busy week, and one that required living in it and not necessarily writing about it. I got lots of work done, including six hours of cleaning and organizing the house. It was really good, you know? Good for my soul to take a step back and focus on required tasks and, really, to start focusing on a new direction I’m heading toward. In the blogging world, I feel a change a comin’. I’m working it all out in my head, then on paper and after that I will be working it all out on the computer. I just have to sort through these new plans of mine for a bit, if that makes sense? Anyway, I’m excited about it all.

So, I mentioned that I love blogging because it’s helping me learn more about myself. I’ve actually been learning so much about myself lately. I guess I’ve just been paying more attention? For instance, today I learned that I love working to jazz music. A little jazz in the background seriously calms me down. I like knowing these small quirks of mine, because they’re mine. Something I can add to my list. I like that.

Happy weekend to you and you…and you, too!

why i blog

Photos found on my iPhone, lately.

I have this thought every other week. Why do I blog? Why do I continue to spend time writing about my life? I mean, blogs are funny, aren’t they? Yesterday, I wrote about soy sauce. Nothing newsworthy. But, I love it. Blogging, not soy sauce. Well, yes, I love soy sauce. But, anyway…

I love sharing strange things I learn about myself, I love keeping track of it all and writing here, on this silly little blog, it’s been helping me find myself. It’s painful, sometimes, figuring out who you are. Especially when you realize you may not be who you thought you were in the first place. Does that even make sense?

It’s like I’ve realized bits of me that I absolutely love that I’ve hidden, kept away or haven’t recognized because, well, it doesn’t seem like who I “should” be or what people expect me to be. I guess I thought people may not like me as much if I was my “true self” which, I tell you, is just the silliest thing. It’s taken me twenty-six years to realize that what other people think about you DOES NOT MATTER. I know what I hope people think about me, but I can’t control if they actually think that. If you do your best in life, if you’re kind, then what does it really matter what other people think? No sir. I’m still learning this continually. Letting imaginary problems live in my head is an awful habit I have and only robs me of joy.

I got a comment from my sweet friend, Katharine, on twitter yesterday. It seems just when I start to lose sight of why I blog I get comments like these. She said that my blog has been resonating with her lately. Do you know how much that means to me? It means the world. It makes me happy. It takes what I love to do as a hobby and brings it to another level. I got another blogging boost and I remembered why I loved it so much.

I sincerely hope some of it resonates with you, hopefully a few of you enjoy it and you keep coming back to read about me and my life. Hopefully you’ll say hi at some point, because I love hearing what you have to say. I just love being here and I love sharing my life with you. So thank you for reading.